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Jackie Toracinta


 Jackie Toracinta



I'm Jackie Toracinta, the owner, caregiver and teacher of Club Tora.


I knew when I took my first part time job at the Newport YMCA Nursery School that as a career I wanted to be a preschool teacher. I graduated from Community College of Rhode Island with an Associates Degree in Early Childhood. I was employed at the YMCA for 9 years working my way up the ladder in the Aquatics and Preschool programs. I then took a job as Program/Aquatic Director at the Hawthorne YMCA in California. Returning home to Newport, Rhode Island, I worked as a Coordinator of the School Age Program at Child & Family Services and then a Program/Aquatic Director at the Newport Boys & Girls Club. But the higher up the ladder I went and the more administrative work I did, it kept me from what I loved doing most: working with children! So in January 1988, I started Club Tora.

As your child's caregiver, I have a commitment to education and a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. I know that I am an important part in the development of your child. I will teach your child how to get excited about learning as well as how to have confidence in himself. I am resourceful, kind, loving, and caring. I clearly do love what I do.

Professional development and education is very important to what I do. These educational hours spark creativity and growth which I can bring back to the classroom because I'm always trying something new. Every year, I attend 12 hours of workshops and trainings as well as hold certificates in C.P.R. and First Aid. 

We are committed to:

A safe and secure environment that is clean, well maintained

A stimulating and educational curriculum with engaging activities that includes circle time, science exploration, learning centers, creative arts, music and outdoor play

On-going professional development with 12 hours of workshops and trainings per year 

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We are licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Human Services

A small learning environment that encourages children to build positive relationships that will allow them to learn and develop to their potential

Club Tora Family

What do parents want:


Safety and Security


Curriculum and Activities


Teacher Qualifications and Experience


Communication with Parents


Flexibility and Responsiveness


Inclusivity and Diversity


Outdoor Play and Activity

Join our program and build positive relationships.

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