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Creative Arts

Our early learning and development standards at Club Tora in the area of creative arts generally focuses on fostering imagination, exploration and expression through various artistic mediums. 


We focus on exploration and expression:

  • Encouraging children to explore different materials, techniques, and forms of creative expression is key. This allows them to discover their own artistic preferences and develop their creative voice.

  • The emphasis is on the journey of creating rather than the final outcome.This fosters a sense of exploration and experimentation without the pressure of producing something perfect.

  • Engaging with diverse forms of creative arts like music, dance, drama, visual arts and storytelling allows children to explore different ways of expressing themselves and appreciate the richness of artistic expression.


We explore the content areas of:

  • Music: Exploring rhythm, melody, movement and sound through singing, playing instruments, and creative movement.

  • Dance: Engaging in free movement and expressing emotions through body language.

  • Drama: Playing pretend, improvising dialogues, and enacting stories through role-playing and puppetry.

  • Visual arts: Experimenting with drawing, painting, sculpting and mixed media to explore colors, textures, and shapes.

  • Storytelling: Creating and sharing stories verbally, through drawings, or using various props and materials.

creative arts

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