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Physical Health & Motor Development

Fostering Physical Health and Motor Development Skills

Here are some examples of the activities you will see at Club Tora.


We make movement playful.

  • We turn everyday activities into fun games: Skip to the playground, hop over cracks in the sidewalk, make snow angels...

  • We explore different types of movement: Dance, climb the monkey bars, hopscotch and walk the balance beam. 

  • We incorporate imaginative play: Turn blankets into caves and boxes into boats and igloos...


We encourage active playtime.

  • We schedule dedicated unstructured outdoor play time.

  • We are involved in active play: Play catch, kick a ball, roll down the hill, sledding, hula hooping or go for a walk.


We focus on fine motor skills.

  • We provide opportunities for creativity: Finger painting, drawing, cutting with scissors, playing with play dough, building with blocks.

  • We play games that require dexterity with puzzles, games with small pieces, threading beads.


We celebrate progress and milestones.

  • We acknowledge and praise their accomplishments, big or small.

  • We encourage them to keep trying even if they don't succeed at first.

  • We share in their joy of discovery and growth, creating lasting memories of active, healthy living.


Club Tora understands that every child develops at their own pace. These examples provide a bit of insight into some of the areas of focus that we follow from the Rhode Island Learning and Development Standards. 

 Fostering Physical Health and Motor Development Skills

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