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Here are some examples of what the early learning and development standards might look like in our Club Tora science center:

Physical Science:

  • Uses tools to investigate properties of materials : magnets, scales, microscopes, eye droppers and magnifying glasses.

  • Predicts how objects will move or sound based on their properties.

  • Observes and describes changes in shadows or water over time.


Life Science:

  • Identifies basic parts of plants and animals : sunflowers, stems, leaves, roots, fur, feathers and more.

  • Life cycle of a Monarch butterfly.

  • Observes and describes basic needs of living things : food, water, air, shelter.

  • Sorts living things into categories based on observable characteristics.


Earth and Space Science:

  • Describes and compares weather patterns : sunny, rainy, windy, snowy.

  • Observes and describes changes in the sky throughout the day.

  • Identifies and models natural features of the Earth: mountains, rivers, hills, oceans.

Club Tora science center

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