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Language Development

Language Development Skills ​

Here are some examples of how we help to promote language development skills in our children.


We turn everyday moments into conversation:

  • We talk about what we're doing, seeing, and feeling as we go through our day. 

  • We ask open-ended questions and encourage them to elaborate on their thoughts and experiences with questions like "What did you like about the playground?"

  • We sing songs and play rhyming games which helps them develop phonological awareness and rhythmic patterns.


We read together during Circle Time.

  • We choose engaging, theme-related, books with vibrant illustrations and age-appropriate stories.

  • We ask questions about the story to encourage them to predict what happens next, identify characters' emotions, and discuss the plot


​We work to expand their vocabulary.

  • We introduce new words in context by pointing out objects and name them during everyday activities.

  • We encourage them to ask questions such as "what's that?" or "why?" and then provide them with the answers and synonyms.

  • We expose them to new words and sentence structures through a variety of books and genres.


​We practice active listening. 

  • We give them our full attention when they talk, making eye contact and showing interest.

  • We ask clarifying questions to show we're listening and encourage them to elaborate.


We make It fun and interactive.

  • We use puppets, props, and songs to make learning engaging.

  • We act out stories to create our own narratives together.


These examples can help provide a framework for supporting your child's language development journey.

Language Development

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