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Literacy Development

Here are some examples of how we nurture Literacy Development at Club Tora.

We create a love for stories.

  • We read aloud regularly, choosing engaging books with vibrant illustrations and age-appropriate themes.

  • We pause for dramatic effect and encourage questions and discussions about the story.


We turn playtime into story time.

  • We turn everyday moments into storytelling opportunities. We narrate our activities, describe objects, and create imaginary scenarios.

  • We provide open-ended play materials like blocks, dolls, and puppets to encourage children to invent their own stories.

  • We act out stories together, taking turns playing different characters.


We foster a print-rich environment.

  • We surround them with books, printed materials, clip boards, paper and pencils.

  • Our cozy reading center has cushioned seating and good lighting.

  • We let them "read" along, even if it's just pointing at pictures and making sounds.

  • We have an audio center for independent reading with books, CDs and tapes. 


We turn words into play.

  • We play rhyming games and sing silly songs to explore sounds and word patterns.

  • We encourage them to draw pictures and label them, connecting words to visuals in our writing journals.


We celebrate their efforts.​

  • We focus on progress, not perfection, and encourage them to keep trying.

  • We make literacy a joyful experience, filled with laughter, wonder, and endless possibilities.


Literary development is a gradual process. These activities create a nurturing environment where children can develop a lifelong love of reading, writing, and storytelling. 

Literacy Development

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