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Social and Emotional Development

Social and Emotional Development Skills

Here are some examples of what you will see at Club Tora when aiding in social and emotional development. 

We help nurture empathy and understanding.

  • We read stories and explore emotions and relationships.

  • We encourage them to practice compassion and empathy by helping others, sharing and being mindful and respectful.


We encourage healthy communication and coping skills.

  • We provide ample opportunities for conversation and active listening.

  • We promote basic conflict resolution skills, like taking turns talking, compromising, and finding solutions together.

  • We encourage them to express themselves through gestures, art, and music as well as with verbal communication.

We encourage play and socialization.​​

  • We provide opportunities for role-playing and social interaction, allowing the children to explore different emotions and social scenarios.

  • We model positive social skills like greeting others, sharing, taking turns, and being a good friend.


We create a safe and supportive learning environment:

  • We provide predictable routines with clear expectations and boundaries.

  • We offer unconditional love and acceptance, creating a safe space for them to express their emotions freely.


Social and emotional development takes time and practice. These examples help to fostering well-rounded and emotionally intelligent children.

 Social and Emotional Development Skills

Join our program and build positive relationships.

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