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Social Studies

Here are some early learning and development standards in the area of social studies at Club Tora: 


We focus on personal and social development:

  • Self-awareness and identity: Children begin to develop a sense of self, including their name, family, and cultural background. 

  • Social-emotional development: Understanding and managing emotions, building relationships, and resolving conflicts.

  • Community awareness: Introducing children to their immediate community, including family, friends, neighbors and local institutions, allows them to understand their place in the world.


We explore the areas of :

  • Family and friends: Children explore their roles within the family, learn about different family structures, and appreciate the importance of close relationships.

  • Community and neighborhood: They get introduced to their local community, including familiar places like parks, schools, the fire department, the Boys and Girls Club and apple picking. This helps the children to understand and explore the roles of different community helpers.

  • Culture and diversity: Exploring different cultures, traditions, and celebrations expands our children's understanding of the world and fosters respect for diversity.

social studies

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